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Live Music Philadelphia - NOTO

If you’re looking for a party, you’re in the right place. NOTO is premier venue for Live Music in Philadelphia. Giving the hottest artists a venue just as dynamic as their performances, NOTO provides plush VIP booths and a vibrant stage backed by a massive LED screen. As our energetic crowds ooze positive vibes, you can palpably feel the excitement flowing through the air. You definitely won’t want to miss out. NOTO gets hype!

Aside from the dance floor, NOTO has plenty of space to relax, spread out, and vibe to the music. The main concourse is 2900 square feet in size, and a balcony on the second level offers 360-degree views of the entire venue. And for those who absolutely despise waiting in lines, there are three distinct bars and 27 distinct restrooms. Take a look at the virtual tour below.

The VIP Live Music Experience in Philadelphia

We can provide our high rollers with a truly unforgettable VIP experience. VIPs have their own area to chill, party, and listen to live music. Waited on by our gorgeous hosts, NOTO’s VIP experience also includes luxurious booths, full bottle service, and the best seat in the house to see the hottest DJs. Because NOTO is the premier nightlife destination in Philadelphia, tickets to this intimate experience are frequently limited and sell out quickly. If you want to be a VIP at one of our upcoming events, you must act quickly. Contact our VIP hotline at 215-575-5941 for more information.

Or Just Chill
It’s also fine if you just want to meet new people, have a few drinks, and dance with the rest of the crowd. Our bars offer a variety of canned beverages as well as several types of vodka, tequila, cognac, gin, rum, scotch, whiskey, and bourbon. And, with our team of skilled bartenders preparing your drinks, you can be confident that whatever you order will be delicious.

If you’re ready to party, be sure to check out our upcoming events and get your tickets HERE. Starting at only $20, NOTO provides an exclusive nightlife experience that’s accessible to everybody. As the go to nightclub in Philly, a night at NOTO is sure to make any weekend not of the ordinary.